Danilo Monaco


Danilo Monaco is an Italian living in Finland since 1989. After having learnt Finnish he graduated with honors in Economics from the University of Helsinki. During these years Danilo has worked as a freelance linguist, after which he has been appointed to a variety of professional and management positions for some of the largest T&L companies in the Nordic Countries. He is the developer of the Tetra-Model of HR, charmed by competency-based management and personally interested in the theoretical approach to negotiation as well as game-theory modeling. However, at the age of 49, Danilo hasn’t still fully learnt how to properly use commas.
In 2014 he was chosen as the AranchoDoc Nordic Managing Director and in 2016 he has been appointed as CEO of the AranchoDoc Group. Danilo has also served on the board of several Finnish industry organizations and is a regular speaker at industry conferences and seminars. He is a well-known figure in the Nordic Countries.
Danilo, most of all, loves to run.

From Vendor Management to Supplier Relationship Management

Vendor management as a formal discipline is rapidly emerging as enterprises demand more from vendors in order to deliver value and innovation. The discipline of Vendor Management is swiftly transforming, both in terms of its depth and reach, in order to support business goals, drive value through the vendor ecosystem and minimize exposure to risks introduced by vendors. How a roadmap made up of technology, processes, soft values and a lot of common sense can drive your business – as a company owner or a single freelance – from a mono-dimensional approach into a true relationship-based interaction set?