Jan Tesař

Jan Tesar

Jan Tesař is a Senior Project Manager at Moravia. He started to gather his localisation experience in 1999 when he joined Moravia as a SW tester. His career path led through various technical and later on coordination positions to the area of project management. He is one of the founding members of Moravia Life Science department. His focus is now concentrated on providing translation and consultancy services for pharmaceutical companies.

No Space for Errors: Pharmaceutical Translations in the EU Today

Why are translations for pharma clients always urgent? And why does the translation process seem so painful?
If quality is so important, can it really be checked within the short timeframes clients require? What is the difference between brand name drug and generic drug from a translation perspective? And what are those QRD templates pharma people still talk about? This session will try to answer all these questions and will also offer some insight into translation process in Moravia.