Teja Breznik Alfirev

Andraž Repar

Teja Breznik Alfirev is an independent consultant and licensed coach, specialized in building value-driven organisations. With the help of cultural transformation tools and methodologies, she has helped many Slovenian and international organizations in private and public sector establish new foundations for further successful development.
Before she started working as an HR consultant, she worked as an HR director in international companies.

Where Lies the Real Potential of Organizational Growth?

On the one hand, more than 75% of employees do not feel engaged and motivated at work and, as a consequence, they do not perform. On the other hand, top management ranks lack of talents and engagement among their top 3 challenges. What is going on? Why can’t employers and employees solve this paradox? What will be the consequences if we are not able to develop collaborative, agile and constantly innovative organizations, which are the precondition to survive and succeed?
With the help of Barrett’s 7-level organizational consciousness model, we will discuss what is going on in organizations (and the society) and how we can manage organizations and ourselves in today’s enormous complexity for the sake of our own well-being and the prosperity of organizations.